Are you looking to re-home, donate or surrender your horse(s) to Horses' Haven?

Unfortunately, we're currently over capacity at this time. We're unable to accept any horse in immediate need of assistance. We do have a waiting list, however the wait list is long with a 1-2 year wait time. Please network with your equine vet, friends, tack and feed, and the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition, etc...for further help to find a new home for your horse. If you wish to be added to the waiting list please print, complete, and submit the Horse donation form (PDF) to or mail to Horses' Haven, PO Box 166, Howell, MI 48844.
Horses' Haven is a volunteer organization with 50+ horses on the farm at all times - we are constantly busy.

We regularly receive hundreds of emails and phone calls and our wonderful volunteer staff have an overwhelming number of things to do to keep Horses' Haven running. While we do our best to answer all emails and calls promptly, if you don't get a response, please be patient and then try contacting us again. Thank you!

Horses' Haven
P.O. Box 166 - Howell, MI  48844

Farm visits/tours: You must schedule an appointment. We're unable to accommodate surprise visits. Save yourself a trip and call or email first: or 517.548.4880.

Sponsor our animal friends: contact Diane at or call 517.548.4880.

Volunteer at Horses' Haven:, or call 517.548.4880.