Founded in 1995 by Barbara Baker, Horses' Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Howell, Mich. Our mission: to take in and provide humane care for aged, abused, unwanted, rescued and neglected horses, ponies, donkeys and other large animals, and for those whose owners can no longer afford to keep them.

We depend solely on the generosity of supporters who share our love and compassion for our animal friends. Take the tour to meet some of them, make an appointment to visit us, find out how you can help, or make a donation that will go directly to caring for these special animals.

The Board of Directors consists of compassionate and dedicated people  who are committed to carrying out Horses' Haven's mission. Each has the vision to see that it is possible for all animals to be given another chance.


Care for horses, ponies, donkeys and any other large animal in need and, when appropriate, find them new homes in a caring humane environment so that they never have to suffer inhumane treatment again.

Assist rescue organizations to provide shelter, volunteers, and any other needed aid.

Accept donated horses, ponies, etc. and, if necessary, retrain and rehabilitate them until new homes become available.

Provide sanctuary for those animals not suitable for adoption, but who are able to maintain a good quality of life in a compassionate and humane environment.

Conduct rigorous follow-up on all adopted animals to ensure that they are well provided for throughout their lifetime.
Introduce the public to the wonderful world of horses.